Akashic Records Reading for Couples Riviera Maya

An in-person session where we sit together through the reading.
The session is designed to address the dynamics of the couple and each person from the highest logic of Akasha. So, it brings the couple more understanding of the other, it unites the couple and creates peace, balance, and a sense of teammate and teacher in the other.
You can bring any questions you have about areas or patterns of situations that repeat in your couple’s life or areas of the couple’s life that you want to make certain you want to cover. But to take this step is not necessary.
The information in this reading is completely private and focuses on the couple. You can’t ask questions about other people.
Also, it is highly recommended that you bring your phone or a recorder to have your session re-listen later as many times as you want. The Akashic Records has many layers of understanding and knowledge that in the future, as you apply the new understandings when you relisten you will pick up new info.
Info about the future rarely comes out because the Akashic Records work on the liberation of the old patterns and limitations of the past and present, so in a way, we rewrite the future into the highest version. So, in a way, and fact, we work on changing the future.

Duration: 2 hours
Location: wherever you are staying in Riviera Maya (CancĂșn, Playa del Carmen, Tulum)

*price is per couple

Tbook your session, first, choose the day and time, and then, add to cart to find the payment link. Once we receive it, we will confirm the session.