Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records are a compendium of information from all lifetimes. Each human being has his own records which hold precious details about their souls, lives, purpose, and mission.

In this session, we will go deep into unfolding what you came to do here, your challenges that so many times are based on past experiences that keep repeating themselves. When we open up to the Akashic records we get a higher understanding of our life today, so it is easy to face it and many times, the challenge even gets dissolved.

Also, we have access to talents and abilities, knowledge and wisdom amassed in other incarnations and places and we recover them to be used in your life now.

Any other question you may have in every area of your life can be answered.

Those records hold all your history from the past and the present so for, We can’t answer questions about the future. On the other side, we access the records to change the future into its highest version.

Also, the reading is personal. Reading into another person’s life is forbidden.

Akashic Records Reading Riviera Maya

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